Types of Glass Doors: their advantages and disadvantages

Increasingly, glass doors can be seen in houses. They come in a variety of styles and designs, which is why they are becoming popular. Of course, such doors look very beautiful, and modern, but they are also practical. Glass well transmits sunlight into the room, making it lighter. You can use any type of glass for your doors: clear, frosted, colored, or patterned. You can order exactly those doors that you dreamed about.

Here you will find out which types of glass doors exist, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of glass doors

  • Hinged single door
  • French doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Stackable doors

Advantages of glass doors

  • Glass doors will not flake, rust, or be chemically damaged.
  • The aluminum panels of the glass doors are resistant to termites and other insects.
  • Glass doors do not swell from exposure to moisture.
  • Glass panels allow more sunlight into the room and save energy costs.

Disadvantages of glass doors

  • Glass panels can break or crack easily in high winds.
  • Glass doors require an extra layer of curtains to achieve complete privacy.

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