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Over the years of experience, we have completed hundreds of projects, each of which was unique. We have designed, built, and installed glass products from curtain walls to front doors. Our company can solve any task and create glass products for any needs.

A glass floor can be considered unprofitable and fragile. But we make a beautiful and safe glass floor in New York. This is a non-standard solution, which is very functional and fascinating. You only need to see a glass floor once to fall in love with it.

The glass floor creates the illusion of weightlessness and makes the room more spacious and brighter. You can order this floor in New York and New Jersey for both indoor and outdoor installations. Floors made of glass:

  • Provide cost-effective advantages
  • Allow natural light to enter.
  • Expand your floor space
  • Include an attractive and cost-effective modern design style.

Two Types of Glass Floors

You can choose a glass floor for your New York home or office that suits your design. Our company has several varieties of glass floor to be made for your project. The most basic types of glass floors in New York and Manhattan are:

  1. Floors that open
  2. Fixed glass floors

The floor that opens is more common and versatile for any room. It can be used both outside and inside the building, the options for its use depend only on your requests.

The fixed glass floor can be transparent or tinted. Its surface can be smooth or special non-slip. Such a glass floor makes your interior more modern and improves lighting inside or outside the room.

The Benefits of Glass for Flooring

Initially, glass floors in New York were used only in skyscrapers. Then modern designers began to introduce glass floors in hotels and commercial buildings to create a modern interior. Now such a floor is popular for use in private homes.

Therefore, the glass floor has become easily accessible to every person in New York and in almost all states of America. Glass flooring is a versatile solution that has a number of advantages:

  • Aesthetic value. Glass floor makes your home or office more elegant and stylish. Transparent glass of such a floor lets in more light and makes your room brighter and more spacious.
  • Custom-made quality. We make glass floors in New York and New Jersey individually for each client. We take into account all your wishes, shapes and sizes, so that you get the quality product you desire.
  • Insulation. Glass is great for insulation. The glass floor will keep the heat inside your building. Thanks to this, you will save money on heating and lighting the room.
  • Low maintenance. The glass floor does not demand constant and difficult leaving. It is enough just to wash it with a special floor cleaner and it will shine like new. The glass floor is impervious to water, so don't worry about water getting on another floor.
  • Other benefits. Glass floors are a versatile solution that will last for decades. This floor cannot be damaged by water or fire. You can order a glass floor for any room, even for your garage or basement, to make them brighter.

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