Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors can drastically change the look of your room. They help make it easier and bigger. The design of such mirrors, especially frameless ones, is stylish and will be a great addition to any room. Our company manufactures different types of mirrors, including non-standard ones: tinted mirrors, black and colored mirrors, antique mirrors, double-sided mirrors, and even patterned mirrors.

Frameless Mirrors

A frameless mirror can be great for your bathroom or even your office. This is a unique and budget solution for your interior, which is recommended by many designers. Frameless glass can be added to a small bathroom to make the space appear larger and brighter. Large mirrors allow you to evenly distribute the light in the room and are an excellent element of decor.

A large full-length mirror adds a special touch to your home's style. You can use multiple mirrors in different shapes and sizes to create the look you want. Our company will help you choose the right size and turn your ideas into reality.

Bevelled Mirror

Beveled mirrors look like they have a frame because the edges are cut at a certain angle. The width of the virtual frame can be 20 mm or 6 mm.

Beveled mirrors are suitable for any room, especially used in Hampton-style homes. Such mirrors do not have sharp edges because they are polished and ground during the manufacturing process. So you don't have to worry about their safety.

Mirrored Doors

Door mirrors are a great way to add style and function while also saving space in your dressing room or bathroom. To ensure that you will get only high-quality products in the right sizes our specialist will measure up properly before starting work on this project for free.

The perfect length mirror will be delivered right into a place, on suitable for you time. Our specialist will install your mirror in the right way, so that it will last for years.

Gym Mirrors

Mirrors are always used in gyms, dance studios, and fitness rooms so that visitors can easily follow the movements of the trainer. Our mirrors can be used for gyms in your home by placing them side by side in any room, just like in professional gyms. Frameless mirrors are made individually for each project with the required dimensions and shapes. The choice of mirrors for such purposes requires knowledge and professional advice. Our experts will take measurements of your room to choose the right number and size of mirrors.

Bar Mirrors

Custom-made bar mirrors are a perfect addition to your home's bar. Whether complemented by our glass shelves or standing alone, you can find the right mirror solution for it in one of these custom-made pieces. With help from design experts who know how best suit both style and functionality together with an expert production staff will create the best mirrors for you as fast as possible with proper installation to last for years.

Mirrored Walls

Any mirror allows you to make the room a little lighter and larger. But a wall of mirrors can dramatically change your room if done right. Such a mirror can make a small room, like a foyer, much more spacious and cozy. In other rooms, it can add a special style and detail to your interior.

The mirror wall has its own nuances. Walls completely covered with mirrors are no longer so relevant, because their style has modernized. Our team of experts will help you design and create a mirrored wall that is perfect for your home and looks modern.


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