4 Reasons Interior Designers Love Glass Table Tops

Thinking about how to create an original and modern living room or dining room? Any professional interior designer will advise you on glass table tops. They enhance the look of your room and are as durable as a regular wood table top.

The glass table is stylish, modern, and certainly beautiful. They will be relevant for decades to come. But in this article, you will learn 4 real reasons why designers recommend using glass table tops.

No. 1: Versatility

A glass table is a universal solution for any premises and purposes. If you need a table in a living room with a minimalist design, or in a bright modern kitchen – a glass table is what you need. Glass table tops are suitable for any interior design and any room. We make table tops individually for each order so it meets all the wishes of customers. It is not necessary to use a real table stand for a glass top. You can choose any stable object, such as an architectural column or stump.

No. 2: Illusion of space

Glass table tops are not only beautiful, but they also serve many purposes. They make the room brighter and visually larger. Designers often use glass table tops in small spaces. Thus, a small room does not look cluttered. Additionally, a glass table draws attention to other decorative elements, such as rugs or paintings.

No. 3: Customization

Glass table tops can be made original and non-standard. You can choose any shade of glass that suits your New York home. You can also make a different glass texture, pattern, or edging. It will add style to your home. An additional option for creating an unusual glass table is an individual painting, which is done by an experienced professional and guarantees a unique result.

No. 4: Ease of Maintenance

Unlike wooden tables, which need to be polished frequently to maintain their appearance, glass table does not require special care. It can be cleaned very quickly using a microfiber cloth or paper towel along with a special glass cleaner. You don’t even need to use coasters for drinks or dishes because they won’t damage the glass

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