Frosted Glass


Frosted glass is hazy and blurry glass. The opaque glass looks modern and is suitable for any room, both a residential building and for commercial buildings. Its peculiarity is that you can use glass to create a pleasant area for relaxation or a workplace. At the same time, it perfectly lets the sun shine through and makes your room brighter.

Opaque glass is smooth on one side and light-textured on the other side. It is also possible to create a decorative pattern or pattern on this type of glass. Frosted glass can be used for glass partitions and doors, shower enclosures, railings, pool fencing, and more. At Custom Glass and Mirror, you can order the best quality universal frosted glass at the lowest price in New York.

Customization Options of Frosted Glass

This type of glass can be customized in the following ways:
1. It is available in any size, style, or thickness.
2. There are several edge styles to choose from.
3. This glass can be tempered for added value and robustness.
4. This glass may be printed with any design, brand, or theme.

Opaque Glass For All Interior Decorative Needs

A frosted glass window, door, or shower enclosure will make your space feel more spacious and modern. This glass is one of the most reliable and will decorate the design of any home. The opaque glass reflects about 66% of the light, so it’s great for a bathroom or attic, for example.


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