Beveled Glass

If you want to add some style and accents to your interior design, a beveled glass will be the best choice for this task. The bevels of this glass in sunlight create color diffraction that cannot be done with normal glass.

The beveled glass will always please your eye thanks to its light reflection effect. You can personalize it to suit your needs and ideas. Beveled glass is used in windows, mirrors, countertops, and more. Each room and object will create its own, unique reflection of light.

Benefits of beveled glass at Custom Cut Glass NYC

  1. Because finishing cuts eliminate dangerous particles and leave an even surface, this form of glass is more secure than others.
  2. You may choose framed or unframed beveled glass depending on your preference and needs.
  3. This kind provides a clean and elegant appearance by reflecting light and converting it into a rainbow effect.
  4. It is great for giving any space a broad and cheerful appearance.
  5. Beveled glass is approximately 12″ thick.

Beveled glass is made of high-quality and reliable material, so it can be both a decor for your room and serve as a place to store things. In sunlight, beveled glass works like a prism, making your room brighter and more elegant. It can be used with different materials such as textured glass to create a unique element in your design.

Our company has many years of experience in completing various beveled glass projects. Therefore, you can be sure that our products will perfectly suit your home and make it even more beautiful.

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